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Getting started with the Alura Chrome Extension
Getting started with the Alura Chrome Extension

A complete guide on how to use the Alura Chrome Extension

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Alura helps you find new products to sell on Etsy and learn why your competitor's listings sell well. Enter your search term on Etsy. In one click, the extension gives you sales and revenue estimates the number of favorites, tags, and much more. Watch the video to see Alura in action!

Getting started

To get started with Alura, download the chrome extension, navigate to, and open Alura.

Note: You need to have an Etsy account to use sign up with Alura. It does not need to be an Etsy seller account. The app can only see your Etsy name and email address and it is not able to read any sales data. The Alura app has been approved by Etsy.

After clicking the connect button you will be redirected to Etsy where you need to allow access. Alura's permissions can be revoked at any time by removing them from your apps page. Once you have allowed access to Alura you can start using the app!

Using Alura

Go to and find a page with listings that you are interested in. This could be a search page, like the listings that show on a page after you searched for a term, or a page with individual shops listings.

Open the extension and watch the table populate with estimates for the listings on your page:

Find the best-selling items in your niche and learn what types of listings sell well. Inspect them further to see which tags are relevant for your products and which photos best-selling products use.

About the estimates

The estimates are for sales and revenue in the past 30 days. This way, a listing that has been active for 3 years will be comparable with a listing that is 3 months old.

The estimate is based on listing information from Etsy's API such as the number of views, favorites, category, when the listing was created, and more. The estimates are not 100% accurate, but they give a good indication of which products are most popular.

Note: The app is intended for getting insight into what is selling and what isn't.

It does not give exact numbers.

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