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Customizing your search for your next potential product
Customizing your search for your next potential product
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Customizing your search

Product seeker has a lot of search options to help you explore Etsy's marketplace and help you find your next potential product. Because there are many filters available, it's important to know what they are and how they work.

Keyword field

The keyword field ("Search for a product, tag, or leave empty") enables you to search for products based on keywords. This can help you find specific products you are looking for. Your search result will include listings that have your keyword included in the title or tags.

Note: You do not need to enter a keyword. You can leave the keyword field empty and search by category, country, metrics, and item type if you like.


The category represents all the main categories and sub-categories on the Etsy marketplace. By selecting a category, only products from the category will be included in your search results. Products from unselected categories will be excluded.

Note: You can only choose one category at a time.


The country the seller of an item is located in. By selecting a country only sellers from that country and their products will be included in your search results.

Below the main header of the search field, you'll find more advanced filters for your search. These include metrics and item type.

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