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Analyzing the search results
Analyzing the search results
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Once you hit that search button, we'll connect to Etsy's database and identify listings that match your search criteria.

Note: 25 listings are loaded by default. If your search is able to generate more than 25 search results, you will have the option to click on a "load more" button on the bottom of the table.

You have several options to further customize and review your search results more easily:

  • Sort: Clicking on the sort button next to price, favorites, mo. sales or mo. revenue will sort the search results by your selected metric.

  • Export: You can export your results to a CSV file by clicking the Export button.

  • Customize: Lets you pick what metrics that should be shown in the table.

Listing information

Clicking on a listing opens the sidebar, which contains a more detailed view of the listing.

Here you'll be able to see specific details for this listing, including:

  • Listing title, image, and Etsy link

  • Sales: estimate monthly and lifetime sales. Learn more about our estimates here.

  • Revenue: estimated monthly and lifetime revenue.

  • Price: listing price.

  • Views: total number of lifetime views.

  • Favorites: total number of favorites.

  • Age: number of days the listing has been available.

  • Item type: handmade, vintage, craft supply, digital and customizable item.

  • Tags: the listing's tags.

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