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Does the status of an order automatically change itself?
Does the status of an order automatically change itself?
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Taking a closer look at the follow-up table

In the follow-up table, you’ll see all your orders from the past three months.

Note: As default, you’ll only see orders with the status “send now”, which means that you should send a follow-up message to these customers.

You can change the filter up in the right corner:

Order status

We have three types of main order statuses:
(1) scheduled, (2) send now and (3) completed.

Scheduled: When you mark an order as “Complete” on Etsy, it’s going to be marked as scheduled in this table.

Send now: Once the order has been delivered to your customer (based on your settings), the order status will be updated to Send now.

Completed: Finally, when you send a message to the customer, the order will be updated to Completed.

Note: when you click on the “send message” button, we’ll automatically mark the order as complete. Consequently, you don’t need to manually mark an order as complete when you use the Followup Reminder.

If you hover over an order, you have the option to manually mark an order as Completed, Send now, or Ignore.

You can use the “ignore” status if you have an order you’d like to skip.

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