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Getting started with Shop Analyzer

A complete guide on how to use the Shop Analyzer and Listing Report

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This groundbreaking tool is re-engineered from the ground up, transforming the way you research shops and their listings. Our improved algorithm offers deeper and more accurate insights into shop’s and listing’s dynamics, enabling you to stay ahead of the market.

You can now gain strategic insights with access to historical data and better understand the shop's performance trends over time to make informed decisions.

See how Alek uses the Alura Shop Analyzer to find profitable shop ideas.

This article will take you through all the cutting-edge features of the new Shop Analyzer.

How to use Shop Analyzer

Step one for using Shop Analyzer is to perform a search. Enter the shop name or URL you want to learn more about and hit the search button. Or click on one of the shops from the Top Etsy Sellers.

We are using the top seller CaitlynMinimalist as our example throughout this article. By clicking on the shop from the list, it will take you to the shop report page, which is divided into three sub-pages:

  1. Overview

  2. Reviews

  3. About

Shop image: CatilynMinimalist

Now, let's take a closer look at what each sub-page contains.


The Overview tab contains information about the shop and listing performance. This page is divided into the following sections:

  • Shop performance metrics

  • Shop overview

  • Shop details

  • Shop listings

Shop image: CatilynMinimalist

Shop performance metrics

The first thing you'll see is the default performance metrics:

  • Sales: total number of sales for the shop.

  • Revenue: estimated total revenue for the shop.
    ​Note: the revenue estimate is based on the least expensive listing variation, which means that for shops with multiple SKUs with different prices, the estimate is lower than the real revenue number.

  • Conversion rate: average conversion rate for this shop.

You can customize what metric you prefer to view by clicking on the arrow next to each metric.

Shop overview

The shop's overview section gives you a quick indication of how the shop has performed over time, based on historical data. You can change between sales and estimated revenue, and choose to see the last 12 months or all time.

Shop details

The shops' details section includes:

  • Monthly sales: the monthly sales for this shop.

  • Monthly revenue: the monthly estimated revenue for this shop.

  • Sales per listing: the average number of sales per listing.

  • Average price: the average price for a listing based on all active listings.

  • Listings: total number of active listings for the shop.

  • Review rate: total number of reviews and the review rating.

  • Shop score: the estimated shop score based on the shop's performance.

  • Avg. LQS: the average listing quality score based on all active listings for this shop.

Shop listings

The last section of the overview page is the shop listings. Here you'll see a list of all the active listings with additional listing metrics. These metrics include historical sales data, giving you a clear view of market trends and product performance over time.

Shop image: CatilynMinimalist

Here you can adjust the columns as you like, add filters, and sort based on your needs. You can also export all or selected listings as a CSV file.

Delve deeper into each listing with our sophisticated analyzer, Listing Report, by clicking on a listing. This report lets you discover key areas of improvement and leverage this knowledge to optimize your listing's performance.

Listing Report

The Listing Report contains more granular data about each listing's performance and strategy. You can learn more about each estimate by hovering over the metrics.

The report is divided into the following sections:

  • Listing image title, rating, and Etsy link.

  • Overview: estimated monthly and lifetime sales and revenue.

  • Details: additional listing details divided into the following tabs:
    Stats, Details, Specifications, and Delivery

  • Tags: all the listing's tags. From here, you'll be able to select any or all tags, and easily copy or save them to your saved tags.

  • Listing Quality Score: a metric reflecting the optimization of the listing, evaluating elements such as Title, Photos, Description, Shipping, and Tags. The higher the score, the better the listing is optimized for Etsy search.

  • Breakdown: a breakdown indicating the listings' improvement potential. To learn more about each element, click on the arrow and hover over the information icon for each metric.

  • Reviews: an overview of all customer ratings for this listing.

  • AI Insights: a powerful AI tool that lets you analyze customer reviews and get a better understanding of what customers love about this specific product, or what could be better. This is incredibly useful if you sell similar products.

  • Breakdown: list of all customer reviews. Helps you identify the good, the bad, and opportunities for improvement for this product.

  • Profitability Margin: estimated profit margin based on estimated costs and fees.

  • Breakdown: an overview of estimated costs, fees, and profit. To learn more about the different metrics, simply hover over the info icon. You can also adjust the cost value and see how this affects the total cost and estimated profits.

  • Profit Calculator: quick access to the Alura Etsy Fee calculator.

  • Similar Products: featured products similar to the product listing you are viewing. To swipe between products, simply click and scroll sideways.

To read more about the Listing Report, click here.

Shop image: CatilynMinimalist


The Reviews tab is similar to the review section in the Listing Report, and is divided into the following sections:

  • Review Summary

  • Review Details

  • AI Insights

Here you can manually filter on what reviews you want to read or have our AI summarize them for you. Identify the good, the bad, and opportunities for improvement for any shop.

Shop image: CatilynMinimalist

Review Summary

The review summary provides a glance at what customers think about the shop, the total number of reviews, and the star percentage rate.

Review Details

The review details section provides a breakdown of all customer reviews and lets you filter on positive, neutral, and negative reviews. Tip: If you sell similar products as this shop, you can learn from the negative reviews and exceed customer expectations.

AI Insights

AI Insights is a powerful tool that helps you analyze the shop's improvement potential based on all customer reviews. It is divided into two sections:

  • What customers love

  • What could be better

Shop image: CatilynMinimalist

Tip: If you sell similar products as this shop, learn what customers love and what could be better, and use this information to improve your own products and shop.


The about tab contains general information about the shop and seller, and is divided into the following sections:

  • Shop Owner

  • Shop Communication

  • Shop Policies

Shop image: CatilynMinimalist

Shop Owner

The shop owner section provides general details about the owner and shop. These details can also be found on Etsy, but are made easily accessible for you here:

Shop Communication

The shop communication section contains messages and announcements the seller shares through their Etsy shop and receipts.

  • Message to Buyers: The message is included on receipt pages and in the email buyers receive when they purchase from the shop.

  • Digital Message to Buyers: If the shop sells digital items, this is the message on the Downloads page for digital orders. It applies to all digital listings purchased from the shop.

  • Announcement: Most recent Etsy announcement.

  • Vacation message: The message the seller shares if the shop is in vacation mode.

Shop Policies

Furthermore, you can see the shop's policies. Click the arrow next to each policy to open and read the policy. If the tab is empty, it means that the shop owner has not specified that particular policy.

  • Privacy policy: if you wish to create your own privacy policy, we've made our privacy policy generator easily accessible in the privacy policy tab. You can also access the generator under Resources or click here.

Shop image: CatilynMinimalist

That's it for the Shop Analyzer walkthrough. Thanks for reading, good luck with your research! If you have any questions, you can always chat with us.

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