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Getting started with Keyword Research

Learn how to find winning Etsy keywords that will drive more sales for your Etsy listings.

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Finding winning keywords to drive more sales has never been easier. You now have access to historical search trends, which reveal seasonal patterns and trending items, arming you with the insights to forecast trends. The advanced filtering and sorting in a robust new table layout make pinpointing the ideal keywords effortless.

See how Ryan uses the Alura Keyword Finder to identify niches with high search volume and low competition.

The new Keyword Finder is thoughtfully redesigned to help Etsy sellers thrive. The search speed is now up to 13x faster and with more precise results. And the results display up to 41 times more similar keywords to elevate your store's visibility.

So, let’s take you through all the cutting-edge features of the new Keyword Finder.

How to use the Alura Keyword Finder

Follow these three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Enter a keyword related to your product in the search field and click search/enter.

  • Step 2: Keyword Finder will connect with Etsy to collect historical data and generate a list of similar keywords. This will give you actionable information like the level of competition and demand for each keyword.

  • Step 3: Use this information to select the right keywords for your listing. A great keyword has high demand and low competition.

Let’s give you an example

Imagine you're selling this adorable Ghost Blanket. We'll search for "Ghost Blanket" to generate a list of similar keywords and analyze keyword metrics. You’ll immediately be greeted with the keyword metrics section.

Shop image: danieloch

Keyword metrics

The keyword metrics section provides historical information about the keyword you searched for. You can use these insights to select good keywords for your Etsy listing. You want to select keywords that have high demand, meaning keywords that many shoppers on Etsy are searching for, and low competition.

Search volume: The average number of monthly searches for the keyword.

  • This tells you something about demand and how many shoppers are searching for this keyword. It also shows the historical search trend for this specific keyword. With 8K in monthly search volume, it clearly indicates that "ghost blanket" is not an overly searched keyword. From the chart, we can see that this is a season-based keyword that is currently trending.

Competition: The number of competing listings for the keyword on Etsy.

  • The number of competing listings on Etsy with this keyword. Keyword Finder connects directly to Etsy to get the total number of competing listings. The less competition is of course better!

Conversion rate: The average conversion rate for listings with the keyword.

  • The average number of sales a listing with the keyword has as a percentage of the average number of visitors. Meaning, the number of visitors who turn into sales. The higher the conversion rate, the more effective the keyword is.

Score: A comprehensive rating from 0-100 that gauges the potential performance of a keyword on Etsy, taking into account factors like conversion rate, search volume, search competition ratio, and the level of competition on Etsy.

  • The better the score, the safer you are that this keyword is safe to add to your Etsy listing.

Similar keywords

The similar keywords section gives you a list of similar keywords related to the keyword you searched for. These are great for finding and quickly validating potential keywords for your listing.

You’ll see three options at the top right, which lets you change out and rearrange columns, add filters, and change the sorting. Let's take a closer look.


To adjust the metrics visible in this list, simply click on columns and rearrange the order by dragging metrics up and down.

If you want to hide a metric, simply click on the eye icon and it will be moved to “Hidden columns”. Similarly, if you want a hidden metric to be visible, simply click on the eye icon and drag it to where you want it to be placed. Once you're satisfied with your selection, you can easily scroll sideways to look through all the metrics.


To adjust the list to filter on specific needs, you can use the filter option. Let’s say you want to focus on keywords that can be used as an Etsy tag; simply click on “Filter”, search, or click on Etsy tag, select “contains” and add “Yes” as the value. As soon as you input the value, you'll notice the data updates instantly to show only relevant keywords.

You can also add a “filter rule”, change between “and” or “or”, or add a “filter group”.
A filter group works as multiple filters in one.

Note: you can filter by any metric, even those who are not visible on your list.


If you want to sort keywords based on a specific metric, you can either click directly on the metric to sort descending, ascending, or back to normal. Or you can use the sort option from the action menu and add additional sorting.

Copy, save, and export tags

To quickly add one or more keywords to your listing, you can select them by checking the box next to the keyword and click “Copy”. The keywords are already formatted for Etsy, and you can paste them directly into your listing.

Alternatively, you can select multiple keywords and export them to a CSV file - or save them to your list of saved keywords.

To view all saved keywords, click on “View list” in the pop-up that appears when you click “save”, and you’ll be redirected to Research Saver which collects all your favorite keywords, listings, and shops for easy access.

Top listings

Finally, you will find a list of top listings using the keyword you searched for.

Tip: See which keywords top sellers are using! Click on any of the listings to open the Listing Report and scroll down to "Tags". From here you can copy or export keywords you want to use for your listing and paste them directly into Etsy.

If you want to check out any of the shops from the Top Listings, simply scroll sideways to find their shop name and click to open the shop in Shop Analyzer for further research.

You now know what to look for when finding keywords for your Etsy listing. But to give you a better understanding of the practice of Keyword Research, Debroah from the Tizzit Community has made this wonderful tutorial. Take a look to learn more!

Thanks for reading and good luck with your keyword research!

If you have any questions, you can always chat with us.

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