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Getting started with Alura Chrome Extension
Getting started with Alura Chrome Extension

A complete guide on how to use the Alura Chrome Extension.

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The Alura Chrome Extension helps you spy on your competitors, learn why their listings sell well, and find new products to sell on Etsy. Enter your search term in Etsy and with one click, the extension gives you sales and revenue estimates, sales history, conversion rate, tags, and much more.

Watch this video to see how Shimmy uses the Alura Extension in action!

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Getting started with the Alura Chrome Extension

Download the Alura Extension from the Chrome Web Store

Make sure you have the latest version to access the latest features.

  • To download the Alura Chrome Extension go here.

  • Click “Add to Chrome”, then “Add extension”.

  • The Extension has been added to Chrome and you’ll be redirected to our installation page.

Connect Etsy Shop to use Alura in Etsy

In order to use the Alura Extension and other shop-related features, you need to connect Alura to your Etsy account.

  • You'll need to be logged into Etsy in the same browser as you log into Alura.

  • Click on your profile picture (bottom left) and select “+ Connect Etsy Shop”.

  • Click “Allow access”. This will allow the Extension to pop up in your Etsy window and you can now start using the Alura app!

Note: You do not need a seller account, a user account works just fine. The Alura App has been approved by Etsy and can only see your Etsy name and email address. It is not able to read any specific sales data. Alura's permissions can be revoked at any time by clicking “Revoke” on your apps page.

Using the Alura Extension in Etsy

Once the extension is downloaded and access is allowed, you’ll be able to open the Alura Extension on every search page in Etsy - including your own Etsy shop.

Say you want to research gold rings. We’ll go to and type in “Gold Ring”. To open the Alura Extension we’ll click on the Alura icon on the right side of your window or use the shortcut Ctrl/Cmnd + A.

Search view

The first thing you’ll see is an overview with metrics and listings based on the information visible on the Etsy search page. These metrics include historical sales data, giving you a clear view of market trends and product performance over time. You can change between the default Monthly and All Time.

Our new and improved sales algorithm offers more reliable sales predictions and enables you to make informed decisions for your business growth. To learn more about the different metrics, simply hover over the info icon for each metric.

From here, you’ll be able to adjust the columns as you like, add filters, and sort them based on your needs. You can also export all or selected listings as a CSV.

Shop view

Say you want to analyze the performance of one of your competitor’s shops and listings. When you open the extension whilst you’re in a shop, the metrics and listings in the overview will change based on the information visible in the shop you are viewing.

Shop image: CatilynMinimalist

Shop image: CatilynMinimalist

Additional Features

The Alura Chrome Extension now offers easy access to additional features.

  • Keyword Finder: You can now access trending keywords directly in Etsy. Analyze top trending keywords in the extension, or enter a keyword and be redirected to Alura.

  • Shop Analyzer: The extension also lets you access top Etsy sellers on the fly. Analyze your competitors directly in the extension, or enter a shop name or URL and be redirected to Alura.

  • Research Saver: You can easily access your saved keywords, shops, and listings on the go. Our research saver allows you to store and revisit crucial market insights, ensuring you never lose track of your next big opportunity.

You can easily be redirected to Alura by clicking on the Alura Icon and accessing settings and support by clicking on your profile picture.

To close the extension window you can either click ESC, click outside the view, or click on the Alura icon on the right side of your screen.

Listing Report

If you hover over a product or listing, you’ll see the Alura icon pop up in the right bottom corner of the product image. This is the Listing Report which provides detailed information about a listing. You can access the Listing Report whenever there is a listing visible on your page.

The Listing Report offers the following information:

  • Overview: Analyze the sales trend for a specific listing with historic sales and revenue estimates. You can switch between 12 months or all time and sales or revenue

  • Details: Learn more about a listing's stats, details, specifications, and delivery.

  • Tags: See listing tags and easily copy or save them to your research saver.

  • LQS: Take inspiration from the Listing Quality Score and use the enhanced Breakdown to learn how you can improve the quality of the listing.

  • Reviews: Identify improvement opportunities with our AI Insights and easily read through positive, neutral, and negative reviews.

  • Profitability: Examine profit margin and learn more about product fees. Use the breakdown to see how fees are calculated and easily access the Profit Calculator.

  • Similar products: Continue your research with similar products. You can easily scroll to see more by swiping to each side.

To read more about the Listing Report, click here.

Whilst you're examining the Listing Report, you can also open the Alura Chrome Extension to get additional information about the specific listing. Either click on the Alura icon or use the shortcut Ctrl/Cmnd + A to open.

Alura Shortcut Summary

Efficiency is key, especially when running a business. That’s why we’ve added shortcuts to help you access Alura features with ease - even in Etsy.

Alura Command Menu:

  • The Alura Command Menu is available both in Alura and in Etsy. To open, simply click Ctrl+K (⌘+K on Mac). From here you can access all features and more.

  • Alura features: Type in or click on the feature you are looking for to be redirected to Alura.

  • Etsy features: Easily access your Etsy dashboard, messages, stats, and orders & shipping. You can also be redirected to the search page.

Alura Support and Updates:

  • If you ever need to contact Alura support or need help with any of our features, simply press Shift+? and our support features will be presented.

Alura Chrome Extension:

  • To open the extension, simply press Ctrl+A (⌘+A on Mac) or click on the Alura icon on the right side of your screen.

  • To remove the Alura icon from your screen, click on the three dots next to Alura in "Manage Extensions". Change "This can read and change site data" from "On" to "When you click on the extension".

  • To close the extension window you can either click ESC, click on the Alura icon on the right side of your screen, or just click outside the extension window.

Did you notice that the Alura icon is adjustable? You can easily adjust the placement of the icon by moving it up and down on the right side of your screen.

About The Estimates

The estimates are for sales and revenue in the past 30 days. This way, a listing that has been active for 3 years will be comparable with a listing that is 3 months old.

The estimate is based on listing information from Etsy's API such as the number of views, favorites, category, when the listing was created, and more. The estimates are not 100% accurate, but they give a good indication of which products are most popular.

Note: The app is intended for getting insight into what is selling and what isn't.

It does not give exact numbers.

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