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Measure campaign effectiveness with attributed activity
Measure campaign effectiveness with attributed activity

We give every campaign goals, so you can see how well they perform.

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Alura makes it easy to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns by tracking which emails prompt users to take action. Let's take a closer look.

Every email you send has a goal. But open and click rates will only tell you so much. Attribution is the true measure of how an email is performing. When you create a campaign, we set goals to measure its effectiveness. These goals include getting new sales, subscribers, reviews, and more.

A user is eligible to trigger a goal anytime after they are sent a message. You can see the results in your dashboard and on individual campaigns. To make sure you can see each campaign's effectiveness we attribute sales and other goals to the latest relevant email received. What is a relevant email you ask? Let's use the goal “Customer leaves a review” as an example. We do not attribute reviews unless they first get the “Review request” email, because this is the only email that is designed to complete this goal.

It’s also important that only the correct email within the right time gets attribution. Therefore, we only give attribution to the most recent email the customer received and no longer than fourteen days from when the email was received.

Note: we do only give one attribution per event, so only one campaign can receive attribution for a goal.

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