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Transactional and Subscriber campaigns
Transactional and Subscriber campaigns

To ensure Etsy terms and marketing terms are followed, we made it easy to separate marketing from transactional messages.

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When it comes to running an eCommerce business, email marketing will likely be your most profitable channel. According to the National Client Email Report, the average email marketing program generates a 38x return on investment, and e-commerce stores on average generate 27% of revenue from email marketing.

Why separate into two different campaign types?

Etsy encourages its sellers to keep customers informed about their orders through email. However, you are limited to sending messages related to their order. Therefore, to guarantee you stay compliant with Etsy, we have a limited number of campaigns you can send to customers to the four recommended by Etsy. We call these four "Transactional" campaigns.

What are transactional campaigns?

The four emails Etsy specifically recommends you as a seller to send are (1) order confirmation, (2) order shipped, (3) order delivered, and (4) order review request. That's why we have created the same four transactional campaigns that will automatically send emails when you get a new sale on Etsy.

  • Order confirmation - Email is sent after your shop gets a new sale.

  • Order shipped - Email is sent after marking your order as shipped on Etsy.

  • Order delivered - Email is sent when the order is marked as delivered on Etsy.

  • Review request - By default, an email is sent five days after the order is delivered.

Note: You cannot create more transactional campaigns.

You can customize how long after the actual event you want the email to be sent. Let's say you want to wait 30 minutes before sending the order confirmation, you can simply go to the Campaign > Edit > add delay.

We recommend using transactional campaigns to promote your newsletter and make customers subscribe to your email list.

Note: It's very effective to offer coupons or deals for customers who signup for the newsletter.

What are Subscriber campaigns?

While you are limited to only four specific transactional campaigns, you are free to message your email subscribers how you see fit. You have full flexibility to email your subscribers with Black Friday sales, monthly newsletter, or showcase new products.

You also have more customization options for subscriber campaigns. You can send:

  • Automated email: emails that send automatically based on a trigger or schedule.

  • Regular email: emails that you send once. (can be scheduled at a later time)

Note: Know your audience and make your content relevant and personal for better results.

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