Email Sender counts usage with People Reached.

What are People reached?

People reached is the number of unique people you've reached this past month.

Note: If you send more than one email to the same person, they are only counted as one person reached. For instance, you can send Order Confirmation, Order sent, Order delivered, Review request, and newsletters to the same user and it still just counts as one person reached.

People Reached means you only pay for the value you get from Alura. The ‘people reached’ are the individual people (per shop) who in the past month received at least one email from you. You can send unlimited emails to people you reached per month.

Important: Deleted people are still counted towards the total number of people reached if they were reached in the last 30 days.

"People Reached" in practice:

  • If you send 5 emails to the same person, then reached would be 1.

  • If you send 300 emails to 50 people, then reached would be 50.

  • If you send emails to 100 people and 50 open. This is 100 People Reached.

  • If you send emails to 100 people, 50 receive them successfully, and 50 bounce. This is 100 People Reached. — This is one reason it’s important to keep your email list clean and protect your app from high bounce rates.

Examples of what does not increase “People Reached”:

  • If a user who has already been counted towards people reached receives a new message, this does not count as another person reached.

  • Users in your subscriber list do not count towards people reached. You can have as many subscribers as you want without extra cost. You only pay for the people you actually sent an email to.

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