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What does Etsy say about email marketing?
What does Etsy say about email marketing?

Summary of the official Etsy Seller Handbook on email marketing.

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First thing first, does Etsy allow email marketing? Yes.

Etsy's policies state that you can communicate with customers about specific orders (transactional emails). A transactional email is an email that is sent to an individual recipient following a commercial transaction, which business are allowed to send under the CAN-SPAM Act.

However, you are not allowed to send marketing email without a customer's consent. This is why you should encourage customers to sign up for your mailing list so that you can send them subscriber campaigns instead.

Every email Alura sends is either about a specific order, or the customer has consented to receive marketing emails from you by signing up to your email list. In other words, Alura only sends emails that comply with Etsy’s policies.

To be more specific Etsy actually recommends:

  1. To thank the customer for their purchase. It is also a good idea to provide them with an estimated ship date and an invitation to contact you with any questions via convo or email.

  2. After the item ships. Take the extra step to let your customer know you have shipped their item, the method of shipping you used (and a tracking number if you have one). You can suggest that they Convo or email you if there are any problems. This can prevent future issues or confusion.

  3. To solicit feedback and respond after feedback is received. Let your buyers know how much you appreciate their purchases and leave a nice feedback. It is also good to send a friendly thank you after you receive feedback. Just remember to keep it quick, simple, and free of any promotional speech (spam).

We have made Email Sender so that it's easy to stay compliant. We call the emails recommended above "Transactional emails". You are limited to sending a maximum of four specific emails to customers based on a purchase. These four emails are the ones mentioned in the Etsy seller handbook: (1) Order confirmation, (2) Order shipped, (3) Order delivered, and (4) Review request.

Etsy does not allow to communicate:

  • Too much. Sending too many Convos, emails, promotions or reminders might be perceived as a nuisance to your buyer. Be careful to strike a balance when sending messages.

  • To demand feedback. Take care when asking for feedback. Remember that leaving feedback on Etsy for a transaction is optional. If you do ask for feedback, be friendly and polite.

You can read more about why Etsy recommends their sellers to do email marketing here, or get the most important bits by reading further:

Why email marketing is effective

"Digital newsletters help level the playing field from the start by landing straight in your subscriber’s inbox, with the added advantage that subscribers have already indicated an interest in what your brand has to offer. By delivering rich content and enticing updates in an efficient, scalable form, email marketing is an excellent way to build your brand and foster an ongoing relationship with buyers. Plus, as you learn more about your audience over time, you’ll have ample opportunities to hone your strategy and perfect your content with help from robust metrics." - Seller handbook

  • This is exactly why we created Email Sender. We have integrated all the metrics you need into Alura, so you can give learn how to provide value to your customers over time.

How to collect email addresses

"The first step in creating an email marketing campaign is to build a solid list of subscribers. People you’re emailing have to have chosen to hear from you, which in the email marketing biz is called “opting in.”. " - Seller Handbook

  • Alura gives you a dedicated and customizable page for customers to signup to your email list.

  • All emails also include an unsubscribe link, so you're compliant with Etsy terms and email marketing laws

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