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What is the score in Listing Helper based on?
What is the score in Listing Helper based on?

Learn what information Listing Helper bases the score on

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Listing Helper is a listing optimization tool for Etsy, which helps you improve your listings in order to increase search rankings and sales.

On the shop overview section, you will see your Etsy shop's details and your shop's Alura score. Your shop's Alura score is based on the average Alura listing score of all your listings.

The Alura listing score is a score we've created to determine the quality of your listing. Listing helper is based on Etsy's seller handbook and analyzes your product listings against Etsy's best practices to provide listing optimization recommendations.

Looking at your listing title, photos, description, tags, and key metrics we score your listings on a scale from 1 - 100 and provide you actionable recommendations for how to improve.

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