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How do I improve my listings?
How do I improve my listings?

Learn how to improve your listings, using the Listing Report page

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Improving your listing with Listing Helper

To get the most out of Listing Helper, you should follow the recommendations provided and update your listing based on the recommendations and suggestions.

You can easily access your listing by clicking on the "Edit listing" button, which will take you to the "Edit your listing" page on Etsy.

Once you are finished following the recommendations and suggestions, you can click on the "Reanalyze listing" button or at the bottom of the page to see how it improved:

Remember: It's always possible to get a score of 100 if you follow all the recommendations.

Listing Report page

If you click on a listing, you'll open the listing report page. The page includes three main sections:

  1. Listing details

  2. Recommendations

  3. Suggestion

Listing details

The listing overview section contains your listing details, Alura listing score, and the total number of recommendations and suggestions.

If you click on the listing overview section, a dropdown appears with key metrics for the listing:

  • Revenue: lifetime revenue for this listing.

  • Sales: lifetime sales for this listing.

  • Conversion rate: conversion rate for this listing.

  • Listing age: The number of days this listing has been available on Etsy.


Recommendations are based on Etsy's seller handbook and determine your Alura listing score. If you have fewer recommendations you will get a higher score, hence you can improve your listing score by following your recommendations and updating your listing.

The recommendation section is divided into five categories: Title, photos, description, tags, and others. At a glance, you can look at the icon (checkmark or exit icon), which indicates whether there is an improvement potential for the category.

If you click on a section a dropdown will appear with the specific recommendations. Open up a recommendation by clicking on it:


Listing suggestions are based on best practices but do not count toward your listing's Alura score. Factors included in suggestions are:

  • Sales performance

  • Conversion rate

  • Trademark infringement

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