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Connecting your Etsy shop to Alura
Connecting your Etsy shop to Alura
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Why do I need to connect my Etsy shop?

Great questions! Some of our tools required us to retrieve data from your Etsy shop to work. For example, to optimize your listings with Listing Helper, we need to retrieve data on your listings from your shop.

How do I connect my shop to Alura?

Navigate to Settings → Integrations and click + Connect shop:

This opens up a modal. Click on Connect Shop and you will be redirected to Etsy. Confirm that you give Alura access and you're good!

Note: Please make sure you are logged into the correct Etsy account before connecting your shop.

Is it safe to connect my Etsy shop to Alura?

Yes, we use Etsy's official channel for connecting to your shop securely.

We firmly believe that using Etsy as our main resource not only provides the best results but also is the safest. Etsy uses OAuth which is an open web standard, used by many sites including Google. It also guarantees that Etsy has looked at our application and approved us to access their data for your benefit. Think of OAuth as the “car key” to your Etsy account. Here’s how it works:

1. We’ll ask your permission to access your Etsy account. (By now you’ve pulled into the parking lot of a fancy restaurant.)

2. We then direct you to a special approval page on Etsy. You’ll be asked to sign in to Etsy if you haven’t signed in recently. We won’t be able to access your account and allow you to take action unless you click the blue “Allow Access” button on the approval page. (This is like the parking attendant asking for your key.)

3. After you approve the access, you’re taken back to the application. The application is now linked to your Etsy account. (You have turned your valet key over to the parking attendant.)

4. We will stay linked to your account, and you won’t need to approve us again the next time you use us. At any time, you can visit Your Etsy and revoke the access you’ve granted to any application. (This is like getting your key back at the end of the night.)

It is also important for us to mention that we will at no time ask you to hand over your password. Instead, we send you to Etsy, and you sign in on the Etsy site. You know you’re providing your password only to Etsy, because the address in your browser starts with “" We then use OAuth “access tokens” to help you access your Etsy account. These token values don’t contain any personally identifying information about you, your account, or your shop. Your password is safe.

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