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Connecting the Alura Chrome Extension to your Etsy shop
Connecting the Alura Chrome Extension to your Etsy shop
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To use the Alura Chrome Extension, you need an Etsy account. This doesn't have to be a seller account. The Alura App has been approved by Etsy and it can only see your Etsy name and email address. It is not able to read your sales data.

Download the Alura Extension from the Chrome Web Store

  • To download the newest version of the Alura Chrome Extension, click here.

  • Click “Add to Chrome”, then “Add extension”.

  • The Extension has now been added to Chrome and you’ll be redirected to our installation page where Shimmy Morris welcomes you with an introduction to how to use the extension.

Click on one of the suggestions or head directly over to to get started.

Connect your Etsy Account to use Alura on Etsy

To use the Alura Extension and other shop-related features, you need to connect Alura to your Etsy account.

  • Before connecting your Etsy account to Alura, make sure you're logged into the correct Etsy account in the same browser as you log into Alura.

  • Click on your profile picture (bottom left) and select “+ Connect Etsy Shop”.

  • Click “Allow access”. This will allow the Extension to pop up in your Etsy window and you can now start using the Alura app! You can revoke Alura's permission at any time in your apps page.

In Etsy, you will now see the Alura icon on the right-hand side of your screen, as well as in the bottom right corner when you hover over a listing image. Simply click on the icon to open the Extension.

Pro tip: To make the extension even more accessible, remember to pin it to your Chrome toolbar. You can do this by clicking on the extension icon in the top right corner of Chrome followed by the pin icon next to Alura Extension.

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