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Do I need a credit card to try out Alura?
Do I need a credit card to try out Alura?

Credit card needed? Nope.

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Don't want to commit without knowing what you're committing to? We get it.

Here at Alura you can sign up for a free account without submitting any credit card information. So take your time. Check us out. And if you ever want more, you can always upgrade. We are here for it!

I should warn you though.. Our membership provider has a different take on things and might ask you to enter your credit card information after a year has passed, due to limitations.

Not to worry! We've done our research to ensure that you have a safe and secure user experience, which is why we choose to use this provider. They are a secure provider backed by google, and mean no harm. So keep checking us out, we might just ask you out to dinner after a year. And you're paying. Without actually paying. If you know what I mean.

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